The ICSW Conference Exhibition will take place from 10am on Monday 22 July until 5pm on Thursday 25thJuly 2019.




High View’s employed team of specialist neuropsychologists, occupational therapists and social workers is committed to a trans-disciplinary approach that aims to improve client lives.

Specialising in adults with complex, co-morbid diagnoses, High View works collaboratively with Case Managers, Deputies, Health Commissioners and families to achieve powerful results using a personalised, structured pathway, focussed on achieving goals and measurable outcomes, greatly valued by all parties.



Nudge Education engages, educates and empowers young people who are chronically disengaged from education. Each student & provision is unique. We provide bespoke, holistic interventions and achieve lasting results. For those whose disengagement extends beyond school, we offer Nudge Minds, a non-clinical therapeutic intervention that is anchored around five key cornerstones of good mental health.




S12 Solutions is an app and website, developed by an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP), which connects AMHPs with s.12 doctors, making Mental Health Act assessment set-up and claim form processes quicker, simpler and more secure. The platform was commissioned by its two pilot sites and is set for adoption in many other areas later this year. S12 Solutions is one of the NHS



Think Ahead is a charity working in partnership with NHS and Local Authority community mental health services in England to improve efficiency and outcomes, by strengthening the contribution of social work. The charity runs a graduate programme that recruits and trains talented individuals to be mental health social workers.



Margaret Morrell, (Social Worker)’s step-by-step guides are based on over 20 years’ experience of providing supervision training in Australasia.

They cover every aspect of best practice in reflective supervision, from the perspective of supervisees, supervisors and supervisors of supervisors. Together, they provide a comprehensive resource for individuals and organisations.

“Buy them, read them and you will want to distribute them” Michael Carroll, UK Supervision Centre.

Child Welfare Research Group


The Child Welfare Research Group specialises in research on children and young people involved with children’s social care and those making the transition from care to independent adulthood. Our research focuses the impact of their experiences on future outcomes including accommodation stability, education and employment and mental health and wellbeing.

International Centre for Mental Health Social Research


The International Centre for Mental Health Social Research brings together researchers from the University of York and from universities across the world to apply social science to mental health policy and practice. Engaging with disciplines as diverse as sociology, psychology, psychiatry, social work, social policy and gerontology, the inter-disciplinary nature of the Centre strengthens its ability to generate evidence to inform social policy and mental health social practice in the UK and internationally.

Online postgraduate professional development in public policy and management


The Department of Social Policy and Social Work offers four wholly online, two-year part-time programmes for public service practitioners seeking to consolidate their skills and prepare for more strategic roles. Join an international, interactive and closely supported study community and benefit from integrating your learning directly into your work.

Social Policy Research Unit

SPRU is an internationally recognised research unit that carries out world class, policy-related research; communicates its outputs to policy makers, practitioners, voluntary organisations, and service users; and influences policy and practice. The Unit was established in 1973 and has become one of the most successful groups of applied social policy researchers in the UK.  Since its inception, SPRU has been concerned with research related to policy, service design and delivery, and practice within the broad fields of welfare and health and social care. SPRU’s research portfolio includes membership of the national School of Social Care Research and a broad range of applied health and welfare studies.




Since 1992, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been celebrated annually on 3 December around the world.

The Eleanor Worthington Prize is awarded to students of Art Schools at University level by the Associazione Premio Eleanor Worthington, based in Urbino, Italy, to celebrate the IDPD for work in the visual arts on the theme of disability.

Eleanor Worthington was a disabled Anglo-Italian young woman who was born in York, and died in Urbino, Italy, at the age of 26.  Beneath her disability she was of high intelligence and had a forceful and engaging personality.  Eleanor’s family, friends and school wished to transform her individual story into a collective experience with the aim of raising public consciousness of the issue of disability.  The Eleanor Worthington Prize was established for this purpose.

The work on display at the ICSW Conference was submitted for the 2018 Prize, on the theme of Disability Pride. Independent Living.

Work was submitted by British and Italian students and shown in February 2018 at York St John University in York.

The posters exhibited at the ICSW Conference are the British winners of this year’s Prize.

To find out more about the Eleanor Worthington Prize and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, please visit the websites listed below.